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Sacred Steel Armour



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"The Castle Brooch is said to help guide those who wear it to the hidden Sacred Fortress. No one knows the exact location of this obscure citadel. However, whispers suggest a certain steel brooch is the key in finding it. That, and those who claim to have seen the Sacred Fortress recall the scent of vetiver dwell before the Fortress revealed itself. Could this be it?

Only one-hundred are known to exist. With rumours suggesting most are scattered throughout the earth of the Sacred Realm. A rare find indeed for those who wish to find the fortress..."

Using a combination of different aspect ratios, traditional European weaves and strategically placed gaps, this piece slowly drops, surrendering its rigid form, bending to its wearers will.

All items are hand coiled, cut & constructed using medieval methods.

Limited quantities are available for all Sacred Steel Armour pieces. Once all have been claimed, they will cease to return. Being deemed 'Legendary Items' of the Sacred Realm. 

Thank you for your support and may your journey be forever in your favour.



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