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Sacred Steel Armour

Epaulette of Ruinous Vengeance

Epaulette of Ruinous Vengeance

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“It has been said that when Grimnir the Cruel fought and was slain by the starwyrm Íorinnaziel, so thorough was his destruction that all that remained of him was a fragment of his maille shirt. Ivrian of the Weeping Blade reforged this small remnant of her friend into a token of revenge sworn against the celestial, an epaulette she bore upon her shoulder till the end of her days.”

- The Mordvale Chronicle

All quest items are hand-coiled, cut and constructed using medieval methods and are made to order.

✶ Ring Count: 502
✶ Length: 15cm
✶ Weight: 190 grams
✶ Weave: european 6 in 1 
✶ Material: stainless steel
This enchanted piece is a legendary item of the Sacred Realm, with only one in existence.  For custom pieces, please email 
It is said each piece holds a great and hidden power... choose wisely. 
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