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Sacred Steel Armour

Armoured Vest of Onodrim

Armoured Vest of Onodrim

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"Featuring 504 enchanted coils, this vest grants its wearer the ability to grow larger once per long rest. During transmutation all items worn and carried will change size with its wearer. However, any item dropped by an affected mortal shall return to normal size at once.

Until the spell ends, the wearer also has advantage on Strength checks and Strength saving throws. The wearers weapons also grow to match their new size. Whilst these weapons are enlarged, dealing 1d4 extra damage."

The Onodrim Armoured Vest is a bespoke collector's item, with I available for claim - deeming it a legendary item of the Sacred Realm.   

All rings used to construct Sacred Steel pieces are coiled and cut by hand using medieval-inspired methods and techniques. ode to the ways of the olde.
✶ butted maille
✶ 316 stainless steel 
✶ vintage leather vest
For questions/alteration requests, please summon an email to

Quest well, dear friend.
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