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Sacred Steel Armour

Heofon Ēarhringas

Heofon Ēarhringas

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heofon; heaven + ēarhringas; earrings

The Heofon Ēarhringas / Heaven Earrings are considered a collector's item, with XCIX available for claim. Whence all are spoken for; the enchanted item will cease to return - deeming them legendary items of the Sacred Realm. 

✶ Lengþu; length : 5cm
✶ Gewæge; weight : 8g each
✶ Handmade to order
✶ Butted maille
✶ 316 stainless steel coils
✶ 304 stainless steel accents
Each piece is hand-coiled, cut and constructed using medieval inspired methods and holds a great and hidden power... choose wisely. 
Quest well.
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