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✤ DAGNIR NECKLACE ✤ - Sacred Steel Armour
✤ DAGNIR NECKLACE ✤ - Sacred Steel Armour
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  • Load image into Gallery viewer, ✤ DAGNIR NECKLACE ✤ - Sacred Steel Armour


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Giants have roamed the Sacred Realm before the age of human. Born with a rare and powerful mana stone located behind each of their left eyes, the Giant race are hunted for their mana and in return, despise all those whom they cross paths with.

I have vowed to protect the Giants at all cost, therefore I created the Dagnir Necklace.

When one wears this piece it will assist all those who cross paths with a Giant. Granting its wearer an additional +2 Charisma and +2 STRENGTH.

You may protect yourself from a Giants relentless attack with this sacred item, however if you slay a Giant you will be banned from the Sacred Steel Armoury for all eternity.

Not all encounters must end in death. 

Bards and Clerics have an advantage with this item gaining an additional +2 DEX.

✤ Total Length :
✤ Adjustable Length : 
✤ Weight : 
Limited quantities are available for this Sacred Steel piece. Once all have been claimed, they may cease to return - being deemed 'legendary' items of the sacred realms.
✤ 316 Stainless Steel Coils
✤ 304 Stainless Steel Accents
✤ Corrosion-Resistant / Hypoallergenic
✤ Tracked Shipping via Sendle
✤ Stored in Satin Drawstring Pouch

Thank you for your support and may your journey through the Sacred Realms be forever in your favour.


Danielle of The Sacred Realm