IMPORTANT NOTICE: Sacred Steel will be unable to make orders until the 15th December due to health reasons. ORDERS ARE OPEN TO HELP ASSIST WITH MEDICAL BILLS, however your orders will not be shipped until I have returned home and resumed work. Please email if you have any concerns about any orders placed and I will be more than happy to assist.

CASTLE BROOCH - Sacred Steel Armour


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"For those wishing to gain entry to the Sacred Fortress." 


100% Stainless steel

33 grams in weight 

5.5cm in length 

Medieval methods

Hand weaved in Bulleke-Bek, Australia


All items are hand coiled, cut, constructed and are considered slow fashion.

Limited quantities are available for all Sacred Steel pieces. Once a certain limit have been claimed, they will cease to return - being deemed 'legendary items' of the Sacred Realms. 

Thank you for your support and may your journey through the Sacred Realms be forever in your favour.